The Englewood Mikvah Association Chuppah

This magnificent Chuppah was designed and created for the Englewood Mikvah Association by the noted Israeli artist, Enya Keshet. The design is composed of a kaleidoscope of elements, each of which has special significance in the context of the wedding ceremony and marriage.

Grapes and Pomegranates: Vividly colored images of grapes and pomegranates evoke the spirit of divine blessing and good fortune. Grapes and grape vines represent a pleasant and acceptable union. Pomegranates symbolize an abundance of goodness: Torah, Mitzvot, and fruitfulness.
Hebrew words of commitment in the center of the Chuppah: The Hebrew phrase, which forms a gold ring in the center of the Chuppah, expresses powerful words of commitment from the book of Hoshea. Translated, the words are, “And I shall betroth you to me forever.” This gold ring is a visual metaphor for the wedding band given by a Chatan to his Kallah.
Words from the seventh wedding blessing, on the front and back panels: Along the Chuppah’s perimeter, across the front and back panels, are the Hebrew words of the last of the seven blessings, Sheva Brachot, that are said during the wedding ceremony. These words, translated from the book of Yirmiyahu, describe his compelling prophetic vision, “May there be heard in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, the sounds of joy and gladness, the sounds of the bridegroom and bride.”
Symbol of the tallit, on the two side panels: Along the perimeter of the Chuppah, on the two side panels, are geometrically intricate stripes. These stripes are reminiscent of a tallit, a prayer shawl. On one level, the tallit, traditionally worn by the husband, is a counterpoint to the wedding band worn by the wife. On another level, the image of the tallit alludes to the custom of some communities to drape the Chatan and Kallah together in a tallit beneath the Chuppah. Finally, the tallit image is an expression of the traditional use of a simple and unadorned tallit for the Chuppah.

This Chuppah is a gift given to the Englewood Mikvah Association by Myron and Cheryl Bari.

About the Artist

Enya Keshet, born in 1950 in Pardes Hanna, Israel, studied at the Hebrew University and at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Enya’s art spans a wide range of media, including fabric art and works on parchment and paper. Her intricate paper-cutting, which combines calligraphy and color illumination enhanced by gold leaf, has been exhibited at numerous shows and Judaica fairs. Enya’s designs in fabric art combine painted silk, appliqué, and embroidery. Her megillot, ketubot, chuppot, Torah mantles and other art pieces are valued by collectors worldwide.

Chuppah Rental

The Chuppah is available for rent from the Englewood Mikvah Association. We hope that it will not only enhance many wedding celebrations in our own community and beyond, but will also serve as an ongoing source of funds to support the efforts and activities of our beautiful new Mikvah.

For further information or to arrange for rental of the Chuppah, please contact the mikvah at (201)567-1443 or at

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