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The Rebbetzin Peggy Gopin Weiss Mikvah of Englewood provides our users with the convenience 
of making appointments in advance with our online appointment system.
If desired, you may call 201-567-1443 during mikvah hours to find out what time is best to come.

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Friday Night Appointments:

Based on the location of the Friday night davening and other Covid issues, 

anyone who has a Friday night mikvah appointment, or has any concerns

should contact the yoetzet, Nechama Price at 201-888-6999 for assistance in the timing of your appointment. 

Credit card payment is required at the time of booking.  

Friends, Donors and Sustainers of the Rebbetzin Peggy Gopin Weiss Mikvah of Englewood are entitled to usage of the mikvah for one year from the date of donation without further charge. They are also exempt from credit card payment at the time of booking.

Appointment policies:

Appointments may be booked up to 5 days in advance. 

Sunday-Thursday appointments, may be booked up to 1 hour before the mikvah opens. After that time, the scheduler changes to the next day. Please check that you are booking your appointment for the correct day.

Appointment confirmations will be sent via e-mail to the address specified in your account profile.

Only one appointment may be reserved per person per week.

The fee is $22 per visit or $32 for a Deluxe room with bubble jet bath and a separate shower. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Mikvah will close 15 minutes after the last scheduled appointment is completed.

Late arrivals: Please be courteous and arrive at your scheduled appointment time. Rooms will not be held for you, if you arrive more than 10 minutes late. You will be added to the queue of those already waiting for rooms. A fee of $25 will be added for arrivals after the LAST posted bath or shower time.

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment by logging into your account. If you choose to cancel, you will be given the option of donating the fee to the mikvah or receiving a refund check in the mail. If you need to cancel your appointment during operating hours on the night of your appointment, please call the mikvah directly at 201-567-1443.

Friday and Erev Yom Tov night bookings: MUST be made online, no later than noon before the scheduled appointment. As bookings for these nights require special arrangement, appointments made online are considered confirmed only after contacting Millie at 201-370-2078, in addition to receiving the computer-generated receipt of payment. If you have urgent questions, requiring immediate attention, regarding these appointments, please call Millie.

Kallah (bridal) appointments: Should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of an appointment. Please contact Millie at or at 201-567- 1443 to make an appointment.

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